Expect More From your buyer Real Estate Agent

When we represent a buyer, we put your best interests first and foremost. Its part of our value system, we believe that the relationship we have with you is way more important than any single transaction, and we won't hesitate to tell you if we think you are making a bad decision.  If we give you good advice in the short term we know it will work out best for everyone in the long run. We believe every buyer should get our honest opinion and our expert advice.  It doesn't matter if you are looking for advice around what schools are in the area or what renovations you'll see a return on your investmemnt; we focus on selling in areas we know exceptionally well; so we can give you next level insight (information beyond what Google will tell you), and give you honest advice for you and your family. 

We see our job to educate you about the market, about the process and make sure you feel comfortable with the house thats best for you. For most people buying a home is the most expensive investment they will ever make, and its our job to not only get them a great home, but at a great price. We want to give such an amazing customer service to everyone of our clients, from helping you find home inspectors, lawyers and insurance to delivering flowers on move in date. We want you to have such a great experience that you’ll go and tell all your friends and family, thats how we build our business.


Buyer Consultation

Let's grab a drink! We'll be happy to meet you at a coffee shop, a local pub for a beer; or at our office (regardless the drinks are on us).  Wherever you are most comfortable to sit down and chat about what it is you’re looking for, we want to meet you and get a feel for what kind of a lifestyle you are looking to live in the home you're looking for.    

We're not looking for you to tell us you need 3 beds and 2 baths, but we want to know you like having friends over for Friday Night board games, or you host the Super Bowl party every year (both cases a finished entertaining rec room would be a must).  

Reach out to us and get started with a 'get to know you' meeting on your schedule.

Pre Approval

We know the mortgage specialists that are accessible around the clock with the current banks you are customers of. And if you want advice from a mortgage broker to shop rates around we are happy to put you in touch with some of our friends in this business as well. Beyond just shipping you off to the mortgage pro's; we know there is what the bank says you can afford, and what you actually feel comfortable with as payments. We walk you through tracking your budgeting and putting a realistic view of what the monthly payments will be in a specific home, so there are no hidden surprises.

Home Shopping

This is the fun part, but if you're expecting what you see on HGTV, we have some news for you; you are sadly mistaken! Its not as easy as seeing 3 properties that are all perfect, and making a decision within a half hour time slot. Our goal is to educate you about values in different neighbourhoods, tracking not just active listings but also sold prices to ensure that when it comes time for you to make a decision you are confident with your decision. We pride ourselves with building a true relationship with you, and understanding how quickly you want to be in a home. We don't want to rush you if you are just interested in casually browsing the market. The opposite is also true, if you are in a position where you want to be in a home in 60 days, we want to make sure we are superhero fast to get you into listings the minute they hit the market, if not even before they are listed; to make sure you find the best home for you're situation.

Offer Process

It's not a fluke our team leader David Kurt ended up in Real Estate; since the age of 6 Monopoly was always his favourite game and he prided himself with pulling complex negotiating strategies. We'll 25 years later the art of the deal, and negotiating real estate transactions are still one of the passions that drive the team. When we combine the expert skill of negotiating with the drive to build long term relationships with clients, it's not hard to see why fighting over the last $500 of a deal is still something Team Kurt is proud to be able to do for our clients. Beyond the negotiating we also see our job of education, and ensuring our clients fully understand the contracts they are singing. We do this by actually explaining the mounds of paperwork that you will eventually be signing. The easiest way we do this is when we first begin the journey of helping you find your dream home we will send you all the legal paperwork with 'layman terms' (written for actual people to understand not just Realtors and Lawyers). We encourage you to take your time to review the paperwork and ask any questions you may have so when we eventually get to the process of signing contracts you actually understand what you're singing.


Yippee, you've got an accepted offer! Does that mean you've bought a house? Depending on your comfort of the home and the scenario we were in (competing offers, foreclosure property, etc...) we will have recommended (and hope that you've listened to our recommendations) with conditions that lets you do some more due diligence about the property without making the deal official (while not letting the seller sell to someone else for your conditional time period). The basic conditions will revolve around a home inspection, financing condition, maybe a condition of insurance or perhaps you have you need to sell your home. We are here to walk you through the process of completing your conditions, while providing you recommendations with our business partners (lenders, inspectors, etc...)[LINK TO BUSINESS PARTNER PAGE]. This is all in an effort to make sure that when you complete your conditions and you're ready to make the deal official (put the SOLD sign on the house); you feel absolutely comfortable with everything in the deal.

Gimme the Keys

From when the sold sign goes up to the day you get the keys we are available around the clock for any questions you may have. Everyone that's part of our home have bought and sold multiple properties and our goal is to be a 'moving concierge' to outline the phone calls you will need to make (utilities, cable, lawyers); and make sure that your lawyers have all the required paperwork on closing so there is no hold ups on the day you've got the movers lined up! We're here for you beyond 4PM that afternoon of closing when you get your keys (and the work of moving in can actually begin); but you don't get rid of us that easy! Our goal is to build a long term relationship to keep you up to date on what values are in your area, to be there to give you advice around renovations if you are concerned about the investment in a renovation versus what it will add to the home in a resale; and we love to be invited to house warming parties!
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