Year in Review 2017:

By: David Kurt

Year in Review 2017:

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2017 was a steady year for the Sudbury Real Estate marketplace.  Prices continue to rise marginally (up $5,000 in 2017 to $255,415), a trend that has continued for the second year in a row.  The number of sales has increased between 1-2% for the past 4 years as well, and that trend continued in 2017 reaching an all-time high of 2516 homes sold.  The biggest surprise that the average homeowner may not be aware of is that only 47% of the homes that were listed in 2017 ended up selling.  

The average home price in Sudbury dipped in 2015 and has since been increasing, again about 2% year over year gains for 2016 and 2017. The average price of a home in 2017 for the city of Greater Sudbury was $255,415.  
An interesting trend to note is the total days on market has increased over the last year from 77 days in 2016 to 80 days in 2018.  At the same time, the list to sales price ratio has stayed flat at 96.5%.  

Comparing Team Kurt to the average market stats we topped the market significantly yet again.  Our average days on market for Team Kurt was 35 (compared to a market average of 80) in 2017, and our average list to sales price ratio was 97.6 (compared to a market average of 96.5%).  That means we were able to get our client's substantially more money for their home (over $3,000 on the average sale price in Sudbury) and we were able to do it in significantly shorter time with the house on the market 35 days compared to the average of 80 for the market.  

The reason we are able to crush the market average selling price and sell houses in less than half the time the market takes is by following our systematic; step by step listing process to make sure your home shows in amazing condition, we take the times to get professional videography and photography to wow clients as they search for your home online, and we are experts in getting your listing to go viral online, our average views for a listing in the first week is over 1000 with our different channels of advertising!  We also believe in focusing on areas that we feel we are experts, we don’t want to take listings or work with buyers in areas of the city that we don’t know inside and out!

When we represented a buyer we were able to negotiate our clients on average a purchase price of 95.6% list to sales price ratio.  Again this means on the average price of a home in Sudbury we saved buyers $2,300 more money than an average real estate agent in Sudbury.  We have focused team members who specialize in working with buyers; who keep a pulse on market trends and can spot dips in the market.  That combined with expert negotiation skills makes sure that you are getting the home you want and keeping as much money in your pocket as possible.  



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