David Kurt

Sales Representative - Team Leader


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What made you decide to get into real estate?

I was one year into working a “real job”; the type you study hard and go to University for when I realized I didn’t love what I was doing. I decided to follow my dads footsteps and jump into the world of real estate. At first I was excited by the idea of not having a boss, but what I found out quickly is I loved brining change to an industry that locally is stagnant. I loved pushing the boundaries of marketing and finding new ways to bring value to my clients.

Why do you love working in real estate?

It sounds cheesy to say “working with people”; but I do love breaking the mould of what people historically think a realtor is. I try to deliver an enhanced level of service at every step of the buying or selling process, creating an experience that goes beyond what the expected.

What part of the process makes you feel the most accomplished/happy?

When I touch base with a client after they have moved in and are settled and I’m over for a bbq, or a visit; and I see they have this amazing home and opportunity for the kids to grow and enjoy their home. I feel blessed for the lifestyle we can have with our family enjoying the outdoors and the lake, and I love to see that other people can have the same thing, and I helped in some small way with that process.

Which location are you an expert in, and why?

I grew up near the University and had friends all around the South End of Sudbury and the Hospital area. These are the streets I grew up in, I went to school, played sports and was raised in these areas. Almost my entire adult life, we opted to go to the “country” by moving just outside of town to Lively, first Naughton and now in the Black Lake area. Between the Hospital Area, South End, and Lively I’ve built 85% of my business, as I’m an expert in knowing the streets, the schools, the parks and the lakes.

What makes Team Kurt different?

There is no deal that comes before the client. Thats a message I preach to my partners over and over again; and It’s something I honestly believe in. All that matters when dealing with our clients in the long term relationship, and we will give you honesty today even if you don’t want to hear it if we believe its in your best interest in the long term.

I’ve always hated the idea of being in ‘sales’; as it sounds like we are just chasing a pay day. I’ve really challenged the team to play what I call “the longest sales game”; to actually care about the client, and give them advice for what is best for them; knowing that if we create a 30 year+ relationship with them, the “sales” part of our job will happen naturally.

What can we find you doing on your spare time?

Spare time, whats that???

My family is the most important thing in the world to me and they come first; from hanging out on the boat on the weekends, fishing with the kids, jumping off the sauna, or coaching soccer; family time is precious.

That said, we want to be available around the clock for our clients, and thats why the team approach has worked wonderfully to make sure we have someone available around the clock to deal with clients. My business and clients are the next most important; and building a business that is going to be around in 30 years from now, that grows through happy customers is our number one focus.

Third I would say is my community, and giving back. I do spend a lot of time volunteering from Inner City Homes, previously Camp Quality, our Local Real Estate Board and our Provincial and National Real Estate Boards as well.

What's Sudbury Saying about Team Kurt
Thanks for all your help Dave!
Kevin R
3rd Nov 2017
Selling our home was not by choice. This was a very difficult process for both us and David Kurt went above and beyond to make it smoothly as possible even through the few road blocks we had and we had quite a few. I will forever be grateful for all that he's done for us.
David's understanding and patience of our sensitive situation at that time was greatly appreciated. More then he will ever know.
Thank you!
Chantal Labelle, Sudbury, ON
27th Oct 2017
David was a pleasure to work with and we can't thank gim enough for his professionalism and help with this sale. I would highly recommend him
This was an estate sale that became complicated because of structural damage to the property and multiple failed offers. David would call us with issues but would already offer a plan in place to correct them and went over and above to help us thru this difficult time
Awesome caring person
Best team ever!!
Kerri and Curt Haney
27th Oct 2017
Thanks Dave for being patient and understanding. We were a unique situation where we only wanted to move if we got one particular house. If we didn't get THAT house, we weren't going to sell. Thanks for making it all work in the end! We're very excited to move into our new home in 3 weeks!
The Lalondes - Sudbury
27th Oct 2017
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